About Me

I love the sound of silence when just sitting there on a random rock somewhere at night. Nightly silence with the distant murmuring sound of laughing people and cars in the valley below. Buis-les-Baronnies in the southeast of France.

Who is Erik?

Photography or Science

Hi, I am Erik. Originally from the far north of the Netherlands. So, I am Dutch, but based near Leuven, Belgium. During the day I play around in a lab as a researcher at the Maastricht Science Programme of the Maastricht University, The Netherlands. I try to solve some environmental problems with the help of synthetic biology. But that is probably not why you are here 😉

Since I am ‘working with my head’ a lot during the day, I feel that photography gives me the perfect counterbalance to clear my head. Not that there is no need to think in photography of course.  I like being out alone in nature with my camera. I can perfectly lose myself and the track of time for hours when I am ‘in the field’. But also during my travels, I try to explore every angle of a scene and do the occasional travel and street photography. Until my fellow travellers get too nervous from waiting for me. Again.


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