Milky way
Viver, Spain
Milky way
GPS data
Exif details
CameraNIKON D7000
LensSigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM
Focal length10 mm
Exposure time30 seconds
Lightingnatural light
KeywordsEuropelong exposurenight photographySpainstarssummer

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In the instance of we vibe, which sells remote-control vibrators, the company decided to pay $3.75 million in March to settle a class action lawsuit alleges that it used its program to covertly collect information about how clients used its own products. The company Bose is being sued for surreptitiously compiling data--for example users' music-listening histories--out of headphones.

What better way to get ready for the weekend than by indulging from the a number of the most well-done web content of the Internet? Benefit from your own lunch break and then treat your self to Afternoon Delight, Decider curated picks of their best . We're spotlighting a web series from HP Studios starring Christian Slater, The Wolf, this week. Directed by Lance Acord, who you may know from his gorgeous cinematography in Spike Jonze's job, The Wolf follows an undercover antagonist (Slater) because he cleverly invades the fictional Pierce Arthur Monroe Financial's network. Just 1 document can bring down the company. How, you ask? It also ends up that hackers having access to advice may lead to a meltdown that is company-wide. Slater's Wolf demonstrates this to be authentic after he finds one of the employees is using a birthday and decides to make the most of her harassment by sending an email comprising a gift certificate to her. She prints it letting him destroy the company with ease and essentially giving him access. This hacker has no good reason for his sabotage; because he can, he only does it. We wont beat around the bush here; yes, it's an ad for HP's lineup of printers, however it's a hell of a series. Much like how tv has become more cinematic, it's clear that ad efforts have joined in on the exciting. Slater is just as enjoyably menacing as he could be on Mr. Robot, the cinematography is slick and stunning, the story telling is digestible, and the sound track is picture quality. This really really is one of the examples of storytelling what it means to have a brand and also which elevates the standards for advertisers. Find hungry. Because The Wolf is working up some content that is seriously excellent. Take Our Poll Share this:Share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click here to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Proceed here to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to mail (Opens in new window)Click to replicate URLClick to share on Whats App (Opens in new window) Tags Afternoon Delight Christian Slater

HP is among the the main brands using digital storytelling to create custom material for its own audience. The series is designed to target IT decision makers and chief information and security officers . Instead of a businesstobusiness campaign, Mr. Batra noted, the attempt will be more of a businesstoconsumer angle push aimed at breaking through the mess. He said that a lot more than 55% of those IT community are elderly millennials"gamers who'd appreciate an electronic digital series that ties into Mr. Slater's "Mr. Robot" television series.

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We won't beat around the bush here; yes, it's an ad for HP's lineup of printers, however it is really a hell of a welldone series. Just like how tv has become more cinematic, it's apparent that ad efforts have joined in on the fun, too. Slater is simply as enjoyably menacing as he is on [url=][/url], the cinematography is stunning and sleek, the storytelling is digestible, and the soundtrack is picture quality. This really is some of those examples of story telling that elevates the standards for advertisers and what it means to own a new brand. Find famished. Because some content that is good is being served up by The Wolf.

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[u]Вышка-тура[/u] - это передвижные, сборно-разборные леса башенного типа, оснащённые мобильным основанием и содержащие одну или несколько секций.

[u]Основные элементы:[/u]

колесная база, состоящая из двух балок, соединённых диагональю. Винтовые домкраты(стабилизаторы) по краям балок позволяют закрепить конструкцию на неровной поверхности
секция ограждения
промежуточные секции, размещаемые одна на другой
настил с люком или сплошной
стабилизирующие опоры (нужны при высоте более 5м)
Быстрота сборки, возможность перемещения без демонтажа, высокая грузоподъёмность, удобство транспортировки и компактность хранения сделали передвижные туры востребованными во многих областях, где требуется доступ на высоту:

Профессиональное и частное строительство, реставрация, отделка, монтажные работы, замена осветительных приборов, машиностроение, мытьё витрин и стекол, установка щитов наружной рекламы, обеспечение доступа к высоким складским стеллажам, киносъёмка, спортивные мероприятия, сбор урожая.

Строительные вышки применяют как внутри, так и снаружи зданий. Они могут быть разборными и мачтовыми неразборными, с ножничным или телескопическим механизмом подъёма рабочей площадки.

Если вы планируете [u]купить вышку-туру[/u] для профессиональной деятельности или для частных нужд, обратите внимание на их основные характеристики и конструктивные особенности, которые могут существенно влиять на успешное выполнение поставленных задач.

Вышки передвижные могут различаться по материалу изготовления:

алюминий обеспечивает лёгкость сооружения и возведение его на высоту до 22м
сталь придаёт дополнительную прочность и надёжность, но ограничивает подвижность из-за увеличения веса
стекловолокно, имеющее диэлектрические свойства, применяют при монтаже электросетей
Грузоподъёмность строительных тур составляет 150-250 кг/м2.

В зависимости от высоты использования (от 3 до 22м) леса вышки должны иметь:

анкерные крепления (при достижении точки в 10м)
угловые опоры (при наличии более 3-х промежуточных секций)
ограничительные поручни (при выводе рабочей площадки на высоту более 2м)
страховочный настил (когда рабочая высота составляет более 6м)
Габаритные размеры настила зависят от требований к нагрузке.


простота и скорость монтажа (сборку может осуществить один человек за 20-30мин)
небольшое количество деталей позволяет легко осуществлять перевозку
мобильность является самым главным достоинством, давая возможность быстрого перемещения
Демократичные цены, регулярно проводимые акции, скидки для постоянных клиентов смогут приятно удивить любого покупателя!

Наше предприятие рада вам предложить огромный выбор строительного оборудования по
мизерным ценам. В ассортименте нашей продукции вы сможете сколько стоят строительные леса

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They're the final three after a tumultuous season that saw seeming front-runners -- Chad, Nikki and finally, Stacey -- fall by the wayside in the bid to find a Food Network Star that could genuinely connect with the audience and bring cooking chops and authority.
"We all had the same idea and it was a quite different idea," Moffat added. When he and his team made a video with Capaldi, "everybody saw it and was like, 'That's the Doctor.' "
Many athletes have run into trouble with the IRS for failure to report income related to signing autographs. Pete Rose and Darryl Strawberry were both convicted of tax evasion around signing memorabilia. Rose was sentenced to five months in prison in 1990, while Straw drew six months of home confinement when he plead guilty in 1995.
When she went into pitch mode, however, she turned into a syrupy car salesman.
And what do you think about the overall season? Did Food Network miss an opportunity to give America a health-minded show? (Or is that even its role?)


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